Icy refreshment every day

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Tasty and always handy

The mobile ice-cream stalls are welcome in every town and village. The ice cream from them is as great as the professional pastry shop. In addition, you can choose from a variety of drinks and sweets in these stalls.
Excellent taste and quality

After last year's success of ice cream collection, we are now going completely new for the year 2013. You will find more information on our website. In addition to this collection, you can find many other interesting offers and products on our website. Ice cream is the main theme, so it is contained almost everywhere. Ice cream cakes have also begun becoming a popular novelty, ideal for larger families. When organizing some social events or parties, this type of dessert is always welcome.
Assortment of frozen goods

Not only ice cream is our sales item. We have also introduced a variety of frozen food for hotels, restaurants and pubs. Do you need chips, croquettes, frozen vegetables, fish, etc.?